Does technology affects Empathy?

Does technology affects Empathy?

Is the world becoming more and more indifferent to you? The feeling that each person is an isolated island is increasing nowadays in societies due to debility of the “human factor” in all of us. It’s exactly empathy that we need to discuss about.

According to the article published by the Portuguese journal Público about the research made by the neuropsychiatrist Boris Cyrulnik, screens are one of the major factors for this distancing. These “brutal” societies, as the psychiatrist calls them, are the result of us being more and more disconnected from the real world and connected to virtual realities, establishing friendships, professional relationships, love relationships, everything through a screen.

The result is a generation that does not understand much about human relations, Cyrulnik also warns: “The youngsters that spend more than 3 hours per day in front of a screen move less around, meet each other less, have more depressions and, mainly, interrupt the development of empathy”.

Why should people worry about empathy? According to an article of the website Medium, empathy is basically the capacity of one being able to look at things from the perspective of another. If that is not important then we need to establish new parameters to measure the importance of things.

Empathy is directly related, among many abilities, to the capacity of the learner. In the initial stage of life, the contact with humans is what makes us kick start our brains to incentivise the interpretation of the world, making us more capable of understanding everything around us which is indispensable for our lives.

Besides easing social interaction, empathy also enriches our thinking process in such a way that it is considered a specific kind of intelligence, a sign of high emotional intelligence that can influence different capacities such as leadership, creativity and logic thinking.

Look at the world around you, what can you learn from it? This is not a resistance to technology, thanks to it we can spread our horizons, but after all, what can we do with such wide horizons if we do not have the capacity to precisely understand what is already here?