We are back!

We are back!

It’s been a while, but we bare good news. We are back!

This project was born from a desire to connect the world, create moments of true friendship, without borders, without pre-concepts, without fear of the unknown.

For us these moments are priceless so we decided to start the letter exchange program again. Across the globe there are extremist movements screaming for walls, to segregate instead of aggregate. Although the world seems to be more than ever surrounded by a dark shadow, yet we believe it is enfolded in light.

Reactivating Paper Friends is our humble contribution to a brighter, friendly, borderless world.

To start out, we are pleased to announce that we have a new connection!

Who doesn’t love a story of two friends getting along back together? We certainly do, so we managed to connect 20 Portuguese students with 20 Angolan students. This was only possible due to awesome people who joined efforts to make this happen. A young talented teacher working in Angola, Catarina Lima, coordinated the process with the Angolan school, Colégio Pequenos Príncipes – SPL. From Alcobaça, Portugal, the help came from the Youth Association A4, that builded the bridges with a school in Benedita, Escola Básica 2 Frei António Brandão.

These 40 students will exchange letters along the year, share their curiosity, share their dreams, everyday life, and curiosity about the other country. Isn’t that beautiful?

Want to be part of this movement? Join us!