About us

Paper Friends aims to connect students emerged in different cultures and social environments through letters.

The project was created in the summer of 2017 when Bernardo went to India with a couple of friends to do a motorbike trip across the Himalayas. During the planning Ugyen, Bernardo’s Tibetan best friend, suggested taking some letters with them to give to a school in his hometown. They took 10 letters with them written by friends.  When they arrived to Ugyen’s hometown, Bernardo went to talk with the English teacher, Tsering Yangzom, who was very happy to take part on the project. The acceptance was such that he returned with 55 letters and the whole school eager to write!


Due to the interest and excitement of those students, he decided to create an organisation to connect students from all over the world.  Thus, Paper Friends was created.


The project ran for a year in a prototype stage, under the name of Pen Friend Connection, where the letter exchange program was tested and feedback was collected. During this stage the project reached 5 countries (Portugal, India, Mongolia, Greenland and Bhutan) through 8 different schools with more than 300 students involved. The project was also represented in the Winter Olympics 2018 in South Korea and in the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Now, we are growing current connections and looking for new ones. Join us!